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About SCALE Compliance & Risk Management

Scale Healthcare provides a broad range of organizational compliance and risk mitigation services, education & training tools, and crisis management.  We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of regulatory compliance and risk management programs which help our Clients drive their strategic goals while minimizing their risk exposure.   

Due to our diverse operational and risk mitigation experience, we offer an array of specialized services that are customized to meet each Client’s specific objectives towards revenue and footprint growth, brand recognition, and risk mitigation across clinical specialties and care delivery settings.  

We at SCALE Healthcare help problem solve towards regulatory compliance and enterprise risk mitigation in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.   

Lisa rose to the challenge of leading, with poise, and taking on ever increasing challenges and responsibilities during a time of internal and external turbulence, including multiple changes in ownership and lender relationships.

David Parks, Partner, Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis LLP

The SCALE Difference

Following a SCALE assessment, we can offer assistance and guidance in bringing the following areas of risk into compliance and mitigating risk via a monthly plan:

  • Regulatory Compliance Review
  • Regulatory Environment from a CPM and CON perspective
  • State Privacy, HIPAA and Cyber Security
  • Clinical Mitigation in Accordance with Licensure
  • Covid 19 Compliance
  • QAPI/Credentialing and Adverse Events Readiness
  • Patient Grievance/PSO
  • Survey Readiness (Federal/State/Accreditation)
  • Insurance Program Review
  • Payor Agreements
  • Billing/Coding Functions (Audits, Utilization Review)

Our Services

Risk Assessment & Program Implementation

  • Privacy Program
  • OIG Compliance Program
    Coding/Billing Program 
  • IRO, Compliance Program and Acquisition
  • Risk Management Functions
  • PSO/Patient Grievance Process
  • Payor Contract Agreements

Education & Training

  • Internal Program Maintenance
  • Audit Functions
  • Regulatory Education
  • Assessment Dashboards
  • Customized Services


  • Audit Letters/Investigations
  • CIA/Settlements
  • Privacy Breaches
  • Regulatory/Licensure Correspondence

Word on the Street

SCALE Compliance & Risk Management Team

Lisa Melamed

President, Compliance and Risk Management

Brooke Newton

Managing Director, Coding & Clinical Compliance

Dotty Bollinger


Erika Jackson

Compliance and
Risk Specialist

Kim Andrzejewski

Compliance and
Risk Associate

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